About us

You made it! In a perfect world we would welcome you into our Colorado home, take your things, pour you a cup of coffee, show you around, print a T-shirt or two in the garage and then maybe even take the kids out for an adventure...but for today we will just start here. 
I’m Shea by the way, and my husband Darek, and I are honored you made it to our little slice of the internet. 
Jack & Blake was created out of the everyday awe Darek and I find in parenthood. The adventures, the destinations, the seasons, the journey...we wanted to create ways to magnify the impact of those moments. In 2014 when Jackson Joe was Born aka “our little CEO” we knew it was time to bring our ideas to life. 
Fast forward 7 years and we couldn’t be more excited and thankful for the story God has written with our business.  Before I print every tee I think about the smiles it will inspire, the conversation it will spark, the memories it will create. 
My hope is that Jack & Blake is a soft place to land for you. A place that inspires your most treasured moments of parenthood. One of the most rewarding gifts of being on this side of the screen is getting to know you.
I would love to personally connect with you on Instagram! Don’t be shy! Our team is consistently looking for brand reps that share our passions for childhood adventure & everyday beauty.

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