Valentine's Gift Idea- Kid's Gift Basket

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Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Kids Gift Baskets

Valentine's Day gift basket for kids

Hello all and Happy Friday! 

This week's Sheady Blog is inspired by gifting. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and as a mom of 4 I'm always looking for good Gift Ideas. As we are going into 2021, I want each of the gifts my kids receive this year (whether it be small or large) to be intentional.
This Valentine's Day Gift Basket Idea could also be applied to other holidays, including Christmas and Easter.
As I’m sure you know by now from following us on Instagram, I’m a little bit of a health nut. I am conscious of what we eat every day, as well as making sure that we get our bodies moving. And as our kids have gotten older, I've also begun to be more conscious about the things that we buy and put in our home. So I wanted to make gift baskets that were filled with things our kids would use instead of just giving them junk.

Our gift baskets for the kids include:

1. One thing you want
2. One thing you need
3. one thing you wear
4. One thing to read
In this particular basket I’ve included many things they may need or want only to give you examples of a few fun things you could include. We typically try to stick to only one "want" item, but sometimes we include two things they want or two things they need. 

NEED Gift Ideas: 

  • A new bath towel
  • bath soap
  • toothbrush (maybe with their favorite character on it)
  • A new blanket
They may even NEED something to help with developmental milestones, like these hard plastic resin letters.

Gifts to Read:

We love all books from Usborne, but the one I've included in this basket happens to be just a fun Valentines Day book from Target.
If you’re looking for something more interactive and your little one isn’t able to read yet, you can even include a coloring book here. That is what we did for my daughter at Christmas. 


For holiday baskets we really love to include holiday jammies. Of course this basket includes two tees from SheadyBaby and Co.
If you’re interested in Valentine's Day tees for your kids, these can be found on our site in the love collection. You can also check out our other options to include from SheadyBaby + Co., like one of our new beanies we're launching very soon!
I also included a hat from @thelittlewilliams because I think it's the cutest little accessory for my girls! A hat from @jackandwinn would be great too!


If you have a little girl, you may want to include a LOL doll, which is a toy that my daughter is really into right now. I also included a simple play dinosaur (also a favorite of my daughter's).
I also grabbed some Valentine's Day temporary tattoos, which I know all the kids will love (cheap from the $1-$3 section at Target)! The Target dollar spot is a great place to find little filler toys and activities.
This hand-sewn wand I included is from another small instagram shop. Our son even likes to play with it and he pretends to be a wizard (he loves Harry Potter).
For our older daughter's "want" item, I included a Polaroid camera.
If you have a boy, I would also suggest throwing in some toy cars or trucks!
Lastly, I threw in a little heart-shaped container of play dough. This is a great little gift for boys and girls! 
girls gift basket

The Finishing Touch

To finish off the basket, I included a little wooden tag on the front that could be used in their room for decoration as well. It would also be super cute to do a little wooden nametags here. We got this from a local small shop and she can be found on Instagram @maven.made.designs !

Why Our Family Does Gifts this Way

Lately our family has been on a tighter budget, so each of our four children get one item from each category under a certain dollar amount budget.  We want them to have fun and celebrate the holidays with gifts that are useful. I like to make sure each item I include is intentional. The bonus is, they don't get inundated with too much candy (they get enough sweets and treats as it is).
Happy gifting friends!

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