How to Style our New SheadyBaby Buttons

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How to Style Our New SheadyBaby + Co. Buttons


What are these beautiful collectible little things called? 
For now let’s focus on where to put them. They have so many options and below you’ll find just a few of our favorites. 
SheadyBaby button collection
- a back pack or gym bag ( think dance or karate for a kids or even diaper bag!!!) this is one of the most fun and versatile ways to display your button collection. The bag gives you the option to have multiples while not ever looking too crowded. 
- beanies or hats!!! You can pop at least 1 to 3 of these cute buttons on a hat to dress it up. Take our beanies for example they’re super plain but can be dressed up to match any outfit or themed #ootd with a button or two!!
SheadyBaby with buttons
- a jacket or flannel! A jacket or a flannel is another great way to display 1 to 3 buttons. My favorite look is on the pocket area over the chest but another great look is on the back! Even if there is a design on the jacket or the flannel you can always display the pens on the top or just around the design. 
- and if you don’t have any of these things maybe you have a favorite bandana... or a dog that wears a bandana and you can always attach your absolute favorite pin to the bandana to show it off!
dog bandana with buttons
Be creative!!! We also used the buttons to dress up a JELLY bag for Disney. But this could also be for the beach or an Easter gift basket!!! 

The possibilities are endless. 

And speaking of buttons (or pins) our next collection launches the 5th of March!!!
summer button collection

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