Easter Activity to do with Your Kids - Resurrection Eggs

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Resurrection  Eggs 🥚

resurrection eggs  easter activity

Resurrection Eggs

Such an easy activity. I let the kids help me fill the eggs which was honestly the best part. But this also intrigued them to ask what each piece was needed for. Or what it was meant for.
So let’s dive right in.

Here's What You'll Need:

You need plastic eggs. I used the ones we normally use for Easter hunts.
1. A piece of bread or something to represent communion. A cracker would do.
2. A cross. My son was creative and said “sticks” when he brought them in I said they have to fit in the egg so he broke them down and we glued them together. 
3. A piece of gauze. Or bandage 🩹 
4. A rock. Again the kids hunted one down just right that would fit in the egg!
5. Empty. The kids were confused but I told them they would understand soon.
6. Candy. I’ve seen jelly beans to m&ms just small that  fit in the egg... and in my opinion can be spread over a couple kids!
So once it’s all put together I told the kids we would save it for Easter and begin opening them 6 days before Easter!
We had a cute little 6 egg holder I grabbed at target but a carton of eggs cut in half worked great too!

How to Teach the Resurrection Story to your Kids:

Here is the explanation for each one and we will be starting our day 1 communion on March 30th! But you could do these all the morning of Easter too!
Day 1 - Communion: Jesus ate the last supper 
Verse to read Matthew 26:26
Day 2 - Cross: Jesus died on the cross 
Verse: John 19:30
Day 3 - Gauze: Jesus was laid in a tomb
Verse: Matt 27:59-60
Day 4 - Rock: the stone was rolled away
Verse: Luke 24:1-2
Day 5 - Empty Egg: he is risen
Verse: Matt 26:6
Day 6 - Candy: Jesus gives us new life
Verse John 3:16
resurrection eggs
We are really trying to include intentional meaning behind holidays in our home. I’m a crazy decorator.... like our home looks like holidays just dusted our house.  So behind all the fun and all the celebrating I also want them to have fun with the meaning we celebrate behind the holiday. This was a fun way to incorporate the meaning of Easter over the week prior to Easter. 
If you decide to do it tag us so we can see!!! 

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- Shea

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