Bunny Popcorn

Simple & Fun Popcorn Treat to Make With Kids

To ring in the celebration of our Spring Holiday drop, we're sharing our family's favorite fun treat we make together!
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Formerly Known as Unicorn Popcorn

We actually call this treat Unicorn Popcorn and it is made for all holidays and birthdays! While we were making it in prep for this blog post my oldest daughter said “let’s call it the bunny popcorn!!”
easter popcorn treat

Bunny Popcorn Ingredients

Here is the official list of what you’ll need for the 
“Bunny Popcorn”:
- popped popcorn - we like to use skinny pop or light popcorn 
- themed sprinkles... or just plain- choose whatever you wish, but we go big with holidays in our house and we love all kinds of sprinkles.
- candy melts - You can get crazy and get a couple colors or I like to do just two.
This time we did get a little crazy and did a rainbow of colors so that we could also use this during St. Patty's day. Since we had so many colors we used our leftover melted hardshell candy coating on the strawberries as well. We decorated them with a little bit of our holiday inspired sprinkles too.

Directions for Bunny Popcorn:

Spread out at least one bag maybe a little less of popcorn across a cookie sheet or a cooking mat. 
This isn’t necessary but I don’t want my counter completely dirty with all of the kernels and sprinkle debris. The cookie sheet keeps it contained. I also lay out a piece of parchment paper over the cookie sheet as well. If you choose to use your leftover candy coating to dip some strawberries, have a piece of parchment nearby to set the strawberries on while they dry.
bunny popcorn recipe

Melt the Candy

Next, melt your candy coating. I do one color at a time so that they don’t get hard before I can drizzle them over the popcorn. Start with 30 seconds in the microwave and then mix every 20 to 30 seconds after that until completely melted. Then drizzle over the popcorn. You may need to do this with a small spatula, and you will have certain parts that have more clumps of candy coating than others.
easter popcorn decorating

Add Sprinkles

Immediately after you finish drizzling, sprinkle with sprinkles of your choosing so that they stick to the candy coating. Then move onto your next candy melt color, if doing so.
You can also mix in options like Lucky charms cereal, m&m’s, and mini mallows! 
This is definitely a sweet treat. Sometimes I like to mix in a little Skinny Pop with the already decorated popcorn to cut down on all the sweetness!
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Enjoy! Have fun making this treat with your littles (or for yourself)! And make sure to tag SheadyBaby on Instagram if you share photos or stories of your family making this!

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